I am a soul spelunker. Diving down to the dark places since I was a child. Exploring caverns within myself and seeing what they had to teach. Enamored by alternate worlds, I have always gravitated towards places that hosted show and tell for these introspective voyages.

Fascinated by underwater photography, I asked a small group of evolved women to submerge themselves in Poe Springs with me to see what we could find beneath the surface. What ensued was the alchemy of nature, and I found myself transformed through creating these photographs. My first attempt at a series, this work elucidates years of pain, introspection and finally, evolution.

This work is about the journey of the introspective soul. About the places beneath the surface where we do our most important work, and the powerful, imminent joy that surfaces when we persist in finding our own light.

Solo Exhibition, Aurora Gallery: March 2017