Rebecca Rae is a fine art photographer, offering viewers a glimpse beneath the surface during the deep dive of self-exploration. Intimate and sensual, she often uses natural light and the female form to create distant, yet familiar worlds.

“Rae’s is a delectably paradoxical voice, one both whispering and screaming with simultaneous tribute. Fashioned with dharma, laced with velvet fibers of true nerve and sinew-adorning arms of healthy new marrow, her work stretches like appendages towards epiphanies, departing from antiquated anecdotes and faded commentary. A harbinger, maverick, and bold entrepreneur in the contemporary conversation…she is a future blue chip commodity for the artistic economy.”

Burbank Pappas
Sotheby’s, The Armory Show, Architectural Digest Home Design Show,  Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week, Mini Cooper